The purpose of this blog is to provide reviews on the numerous Aliens comics out there.  When rebuilding my collection using the Aliens Omnibus editions, I was always puzzled that there was no single resource with comprehensive reviews of the series and on reading many of the stories, I decided to give it a go!  I am not a professional writer and I am going to be as frank as possible, so be aware that I may use swear words on occasion! Whilst I am working through the historical Aliens stories I hope to continue through to the newer titles and also cover some of the rarer movie tie-ins, I may even venture into the realm of Aliens vs Predator if the will still remains!


13/09/17 – Well after an absence of six months due to house-buying (the joys of being an adult!), I’m back to do some reviews.  I’m now doing the movie & game tie-in stories and some of the rare Aliens comics!

04/04/2018 – Finally gave the blog an overhaul, new colour schemes and new articles soon!!!!

28/07/21 – Got the site repaired, new articles soon!

A note on format and arrangement

My reviews follow the order of the Aliens omnibus editions, not the actual release dates of the stories themselves.  All reviews are rated out of five.  Also beware there may be some spoilers!!!