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Half time thoughts….
Well I’m half way through the Omnibus series now, so what are my impressions? Like every series there are the good, the ok and the awful. I’m surprised [...]
Script: John Wagner Pencils: Paul Mendoza Inks: Andy Mushynsky Colours: Cary Porter Lettering: Steve Dutro Cover illustration: Kilian Plunkett   Note [...]
Aliens stronghold
Script: John Arcudi Pencils: Doug Mahnke Inks: Jimmy Palmiotti, Doug Mahnke Lettering: Ellie De Ville Cover illustration: Duncan Fegredo     [...]
Aliensmusic espears
The Music of the Spears
Script: Chet Williamson Pencils: Tim Hamilton Inks: Timothy Broadstreet Colours: Matt webb Lettering: Clem Robbins Cover illustration:Timothy Broadstreet, [...]
aliens horror show
Horror show
Script: Sarah Byam Art: David Roach Colours: Alex Wald Lettering: Phil Owen Cover illustration: Dave Dorman     Synopsis On a Lunar colony, [...]
aliens reapers cargo
Script:  John Arcudi Art: Simon Bisley Colours: Chris Chalenor Cover illustration: Simon Bisley       Synopsis Short story – Reptilian [...]
advent term
Script: Anina Bennet, Paul Guinan Art:  Paul Guinan Colours: Rachelle Menashe Lettering: Willie Schubert Cover illustration:Killian Plunkett     [...]
alien salvation
Script: Dave Gibbons Pencils: Mike Mignola Inks: Kevin Nowlan Colours: Matt Hollingsworth Lettering: Clem Robbins Cover illustration: Mike Mignola, Dave [...]
Script: Jim Woodring Art: Killian Plunkett Background inks: Monty Sheldon Colours: Mat Hollingsworth Lettering: Ellie De Ville Cover illustration: Killian [...]
aliens sacrifice
Script: Peter Milligan Art: Paul Johnson Lettering: Ellie De Ville Cover illustration: Paul Johnson       Synopsis A remote, small, poorly [...]