Theory of Alien propagation

08/08/2016 - Book 1, Reviews
Theory of Alien propagation

Script: Mark Verheiden

Art: Mark A. Nelson

Colours:  Chris Chalenor

Lettering: Willie Schubert

Cover illustration: John Bolton




A short account of Dr Orona’s theory of Alien Propogation


This was originally an extra at the end of the first Aliens graphic novel.  It contains a brief outline of the theories put forward by Dr Orona in that book.  As such, there is no real story only ideas on the Alien’s society and how it has spread.  There is nothing really ground-breaking here, which is a shame as it could have been a platform to try and expand the universe, but it is a nice touch to add to the Outbreak story, why it has been moved the end of the trilogy must be an editorial decision, possibly to allow the three stories to flow better.

The art is the same as that found in Outbreak, competent enough, but fairly bland.  As with Outbreak it’s a good idea, but one that doesn’t push any boundaries or offer anything new.


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