The Alien

09/08/2016 - Book 1, Reviews
The Alien

Script: John Arcudi

Pencils: Tony Akins

Layouts and inks: Paul Guinan

Colours: Rachelle Menashe

Lettering: Willie Schubert

Cover illustration: Den Beauvais



Set after the events Earth War/Female War book, this tale deals with mankind’s attempt to neutralize the Space Jockey who is using the Aliens conquest the Earth to terra-form and claim the planet.


The Alien is a short story that ties up the loose ends of the Earth War/Female War storyline, that a member of the Space Jockey race (or Engineers, or whatever) is using the Aliens as part of an invasion of Earth. The plot is simple enough but has some nice little twists which maintain interest. I think the fact that it is a short story actually helps, its events have to move quickly.

The art is standard, but good enough for the story. All in all this is a decent short story that works well to conclude the first trilogy of books.


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