10/08/2016 - Book 2, Reviews

Script: Jerry Prosser

Art: Kelley Jones

Colours: Les Dorscheid

Lettering: Clem Robins

Cover illustration: John Bolton





A cybernetic scientist, who happens to be terminally ill and consequently addicted to royal jelly, is seduced and convinced to construct an android Alien to harvest royal jelly by a female thief.  However, the mission goes awry on the Aliens home world when it becomes apparent another group is in the process of harvesting the jelly.


Harvest has a similar premise to the previous Genocide strip, an expedition to harvest the royal jelly, but this time illegally. This story featured some interesting characters such as a terminally ill cybernetics scientist. The lower key tone makes a nice change from the standard big Corporation/Marine double cross narrative so common in the Aliens universe.

The scientist character actually has some depth, demonstrating compassion both for the girl and his robot ant, but sacrifices his pet dog and humanoid android with scientific detachment to achieve his goals. The story has some decent twists and a suitably downbeat ending but I didn’t really find it, or the characters, very engaging.  As a result there is little reason to form any emotional attachment with the characters and by the end of the story I cared as little for them as I did at the start.

Artwork was acceptable, I can imagine it’s one of those divisive styles, which people were either like or hate. It was decent enough but there were some areas of patchy quality now and again when characters faces would suddenly change out of the all recognition. All in all, a decent enough concept rather let down by uninspired, un-engaging characters.


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