11/08/2016 - Book 3, Reviews

Script: Jim Woodring

Art: Killian Plunkett

Background inks: Monty Sheldon

Colours: Mat Hollingsworth

Lettering: Ellie De Ville

Cover illustration: Killian Plunkett



A military doctor is sent on a mission to investigate strange events on a remote research space station. Will he uncover the truth?  What is the eccentric and enigmatic Dr Church hiding there?


Labyrinth features the ‘Mad scientist/secret base’ storyline, but this time its simply a framing device for the best part of the story; the flashback tale of Dr Church.  I won’t give away any of the story because it is brilliant, exploring ideas within the universe and introducing a real element of horror for the first time in the Aliens comics, not just gory deaths by the bucket-load. The horror aspect is something that has been truly lacking in the series of books until now.

The framing story is pretty much a carbon copy of the earlier Rogue story albeit with a different ending, but I thought this was over-shadowed by the flashback story.  As with all the best Aliens stories the plot is simple and is driven by its central human characters, rather than a grand storyline or some ‘zany’ idea a writer has had.
Art was good; gory in the right places and suitably creepy and grubby in others.

This has to rank as one of the best Aliens comics, a cracking story with great artwork.


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