11/08/2016 - Book 3, Reviews

Script: Ian Edginton

Art: Will Simpson

Colours: Robbie Busch

Lettering: John Costanza

Cover illustration: John Bolton




A corporate executive is sent to a secret research base to assess the experiments that are being conducted there.  However, things are not what they seem, who is working for who?  Why are members of staff regularly going missing on the base?


Rogue features one of the Standard storylines within the Aliens comic book universe, essentially the same as Nightmare Asylum: a secret research establishment conducting unethical experiments on Aliens. Our heroes arrive and set off a train of consequences which leads to the Aliens escaping.  From now on I will refer to these as the “Mad scientist/Secret base” storyline.

What I like about this story is that it pushes the boundaries within the Aliens universe with the concept of the Alien ‘King’, a nice touch in my opinion. Character-wise there is nothing really special here, we’ve seen them all before, but they play off each other well.  The story is well paced and has little padding.

Art is good with the Alien ‘King’ rendered well, though I wasn’t a huge fan of the colouring, but this is really a minor gripe.

All in all, I rate Rogue as a competent Aliens tale with all elements balanced well, resulting in one of the better comics in the series.


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