11/08/2016 - Book 3, Reviews

Script: Peter Milligan

Art: Paul Johnson

Lettering: Ellie De Ville

Cover illustration: Paul Johnson





A remote, small, poorly equipped colony is besieged by a lone Alien.  The colonists have found a solution to placate the Alien which maintains the status quo.  This situation changes with the arrival of a survivor from a crashed spaceship.


Sacrifice is another good series featuring some great artwork. The plot for the story is simple but effective, it concentrates the story on the human characters particularly on the female priest who must battle with both her faith and the Alien. The actual storyline is what elevates this series making it distinct from the other Aliens comics. This is the first comic that really puts the emphasis on the human characters and how they cope with the situation, what will people do to survive? The Alien is there, always lurking, in the background as it should be. But the real horror comes from what the colonists do to survive: the Alien is simply a killing machine just doing what it does; it has no morals, unlike the colonists who have to justify their survival strategy.

The Painted artwork is beautiful to look at and reading this strip I had a realisation as to something that has been nagging me with the artwork from all the earlier stories: the problem is they are all too bright and clear, simply that. The Aliens series is supposed to be about horror, in the films we never really see the Aliens clearly as they hide in the shadows. Sacrifice gets this right: the human world is light and the Alien’s is dark. The Alien stalks its prey from the shadows, and the artist effectively coveys this brilliantly here.

So there we have it, a good story with great artwork.


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