14/08/2016 - Book 3, Reviews

Script: Dave Gibbons

Pencils: Mike Mignola

Inks: Kevin Nowlan

Colours: Matt Hollingsworth

Lettering: Clem Robbins

Cover illustration: Mike Mignola, Dave Stewart



A mysterious cargo breach on the commercial freighter Nova Maru forces the ships’ captain to abandon both the vessel and crew, saving only the cook.  Both then have to survive on an inhospitable world, which was their destination.  On his journey to the wreck of the Nova Maru, Selkirk, the cook faces nuerous challenges culminating in the truth about their mission.


The plot of Salvation follows a shipwrecked cook on an inhospitable planet as he tries to survive. The main character, Selkirk, is deeply religious and seeks comfort, solace and validation from his religion to help overcome many obstacles he faces.  These get progressively more daunting until he must confront the truth behind the mission his ship was on.  The plot is simple but effective, a Robinson Crusoe style tale set in an inhospitable alien environment.  A factor of the story I really appreciated, which is overlooked in much sci-fi usually just for convenience, is that even though alien planets may have breathable atmospheres, everything else could be poisonous to humans, as in this case.

The Aliens themselves fit into the story’s religious themes of sacrifice, right and wrong, sin and innocence and again it’s the human element of the story that makes this tale stand out.  The only minor nitpicking thing that bugs me about the story is the last page, why is the investigating vessel a missionary ship or am I missing something obvious?  I felt the religious imagery had been subtle and well conveyed up to that point, but having a ship covered in mile high crosses was unnecessary.

The art complements the story brilliantly; conveying the religious themes, surreal hallucinations and action scenes with equal proficiency.

So there we have it, another highly recommended story complimented by decent artwork.


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