Horror show

15/08/2016 - Book 3, Reviews
Horror show

Script: Sarah Byam

Art: David Roach

Colours: Alex Wald

Lettering: Phil Owen

Cover illustration: Dave Dorman




On a Lunar colony, patients in a mental institution are forced to suffer hallucinogenic nightmares, which are harvested to fuel a new virtual reality craze.


Horror show is a disappointing story, which is a shame because the idea itself could be quite good. It is set on the lunar colony during the Alien infestation of Earth (see Aliens: Outbreak in vol. 1). The main premise of the story I thought was flawed:  the moon is a forgotten backwater colony, but if humanity was battling the Aliens on Earth surely the lunar colony would be a vital strategic base and therefore a hub of activity.
The actual story is disjointed and unclear, I didn’t know if characters knew each other, or even who was who at some points! At one stage I thought pages were missing, as the narrative just jumped, missing out an important chunk of the story! This is not helped by dream sequences that add nothing and really seem like padding.  I don’t know if background issues were responsible in development, like the Colonial Marines series, perhaps staff changes or the issue number being dropped, but I got the impression of a rushed or troubled production here. The plot simply has not been properly developed.
Artwork was OK; a bit patchy in places and I was not a fan of the background design, which seemed bland and Spartan.
A surprisingly poor conclusion to an otherwise solid book. The germ of a good idea is killed by poor storytelling and lacklustre artwork.


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