The Music of the Spears

16/08/2016 - Book 4, Reviews
The Music of the Spears

Script: Chet Williamson

Pencils: Tim Hamilton

Inks: Timothy Broadstreet

Colours: Matt webb

Lettering: Clem Robbins

Cover illustration:Timothy Broadstreet, Guy Burwell



A composer decides to create a symphony using sounds recorded from a live Alien, but events spiral out of control as he becomes obsessed with achieving his goal at any cost.


The Music of the Spears is problematic for me, in that I find it really divisive; there are parts I really like and others I really don’t.
Okay so what do I like? Well the basic premise of the story was original and unusual. Damon, a musician, is so sick and tired of the music business that he decides to compose a ‘Symphony of hate’ in protest. To achieve this he decides to employ sound recordings of an Alien, but things start to spiral out of control as he slowly goes mad trying to achieve his dream.  The plot tries to raise some interesting points such as; how far should an artist go to produce their art and the nature of commercialised music, but unfortunately the narrative is too basic to examine these ideas in depth. What could be a tale full of dark humour and satire is not developed at all. Damn that went negative toward the end…
Now what I disliked; well parts of the plot seemed like a teenager had written them… ‘Wow! Lets have ninjas fighting Aliens that’d be cool!!!’ No it’s f****** stupid, it’s fairly obvious that taking on a 7-foot death machine, that has acid for blood, with a Katana would not end well.  Or wandering around a major city in the wake of a global Alien infestation using an Alien as a sniffer dog!
Characters are also underdeveloped; the most important being Damon, the composer, because he is central to the story. The story’s success relies upon the reader forming some attachment to this character or at least understanding his passion, but I personally didn’t feel this.
I wasn’t a fan of the artwork either, both its style and detail, I thought, was poor.  Also the artist has also drawn the Alien in the story far too large, I know there are meant to be about 7 foot, but this one is gigantic!

Overall I have to class The music of the Spears as a failure, which is a shame because I was really rooting for it, but a by the numbers narrative, weak characterisation and mediocre art kill what could have been an outstanding series.


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