22/08/2016 - Book 4, Reviews

Script: John Wagner

Pencils: Paul Mendoza

Inks: Andy Mushynsky

Colours: Cary Porter

Lettering: Steve Dutro

Cover illustration: Kilian Plunkett



This was originally titled Aliens: Berserker.


A corporate security team is tasked with cleaning up Alien infestations on company sites.  However, their latest, and biggest, mission may be a step too far.


Frenzy’s plot revolves around a private security unit operating for the Weyland-Yutani company that specialises in dealing with Alien infestations.
The plot itself is simple but effective and mirrors an earlier release in the Aliens universe, Aliens: Tribes. The unit is tasked with clearing a huge Space Station that has been completely over-run by the Aliens. They are required to do this with no backup or support, and it appears to be an impossible task.
This story is penned by John Wagner of Judge Dredd fame, so its no surprise that whilst it does nothing exceptional, the story is dealt with such competency it’s hard to fault it. The plot and characters all work well, there is no padding so the story moves at a good pace and for the first time in a while I was actually rooting for the characters to survive.

The artwork was perfectly acceptable, but I still feel a darker tone would have enhanced the story-line.

So there we have it, nothing ground breaking but a decent story, told well and backed up with good artwork.


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