Mondo Pest

06/09/2016 - Book 4, Reviews
Mondo Pest

Script:  Henry Gilroy

Art: Ronnie Del Carmen

Colours: Matthew Hollingsworth

Lettering: Steve Dutro

Cover illustration: Ronnie Del Carmen, Matthew Hollingsworth





Mondo Herk, a freelance Alien exterminator, is called in to rid a colony of an Alien infestation.


Mondo Pest follows the adventures of Mondo Herk a freelance Alien exterminator, our hero is all muscle and not too bright. These stories are very much in the vein of 80’s action films such as Rambo or Commando and I am very surprised that this type of stories did not appear sooner. There’s nothing particularly taxing plot wise but the story is good fun and has a few little twists here and there. Artwork was good and worked well with the story.
Overall, a fun tongue-in-cheek action-packed story.


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