Mondo Heat

07/09/2016 - Book 4, Reviews
Mondo Heat

Script:  Henry Gilroy

Art: Ronnie Del Carmen

Colours: Pamela Rambo

Lettering: Steve Dutro

Cover illustration: Ronnie Del Carmen, Pamela Rambo





Mondo Herk is dispatched on a rescue mission, to save a rich industrialist’s daughter and friend from an Alien infestation.


Mondo heat sees the return of our favourite muscular, cigar-chomping Alien exterminator. This time she is tasked with rescuing two damsels in distress from the middle of an Alien infestation. As with the earlier story there’s nothing really taxing plot-wise, but there’s a twist, plenty of action and a plot that moves at a decent pace.

The story was produced by the same team from the earlier Mondo Pest, so art and writing are all pretty decent. As with the earlier tale it’s a fun tongue-in-cheek story and represents the last appearance of Mondo Herk, which is probably a good thing in my view as this character/storyline could become stale very fast.


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