26/09/2016 - Book 5, Reviews

Script:  James Vance

Pencils: Guy Davis

Colours: Perry McNamee

Lettering: Gary Fields

Cover illustration: Tony Harris




After surviving an encounter with the Aliens, a feverishly ill member of a scientific expedition wrestles with his own memory and conscience. What was the truth behind their mission?


An interesting tale told through flashbacks and hallucinations. A scientific survey expedition encounters an Alien hive and the story is told from the perspective of the single fever-ridden survivor.  This is another refreshing perspective in the Aliens comics series, the protagonist is not a hero he’s just a normal family man thrown into an extraordinary situation and desperate to protect his own.  There is a melancholic feel to this tale as the human party desperately tries to cope with the situation, only to fail at every turn. The ultimate dénouement is made more poignant by the fact that the main protagonist is actually likeable and relatable, which is something a number of earlier series have failed to achieve.  The Company angle was effectively used and reminded me of their actions in Alien (1979).

Artwork was effective in conveying the delirium induced hallucinations and the artist clearly took his cues from the Aliens universe, this is the first story in a while where I have felt that the artist had made an effort in replicating the aesthetic feel of the films, from uniforms to work environments.

I thoroughly recommend this series, demonstrating why it’s always a good idea to employ a decent writer and artist, and goes someway to erasing the memory of the previous clusterf**k of a story.


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