03/10/2016 - Book 5, Reviews

Script: Dan Joolley

Pencils: John Nadeau

Inks: Terry Pallot

Colours: James Sinclair

Lettering: Clem Robbins

Cover illustration: Dave Dorman



A smuggler is double-crossed by his employer.  Can he survive the trap?


Cargo is a short story about a smuggler who is double crossed by his underworld boss. The whole story just seems like it’s been written as a space-filler. This really is a shame as the actual concept, a person evading an Alien on a ship, could be really good and there are obvious similarities with the original Alien (1979) film. The problem is that the Alien is portrayed as just another bland, dumb monster.  Where is the cunning creature that evaded attempts to trap it in Alien (1979) and that got the better of a squad of Colonial Marines in Aliens (1986)? The Alien in this story is tricked and trapped far too easily.
The plot itself is an exercise in pointlessness; why would the gangster use an Alien to kill the smuggler when he can just blow up his ship, as he does in the story, anyway? Why go to all the trouble in arranging an elaborate trap using a deserted freighter and live Alien?
Art was acceptable, workmanlike but nothing exceptional.
So in conclusion we have a series that is easily forgettable and rather pointless.


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