Earth Angel

18/10/2016 - Book 5, Reviews
Earth Angel

Script:  John Byrne

Art: John Byrne

Colours: Matt Webb

Cover illustration: John Byrne & Matt Web





A crashed spaceship brings Aliens to 50’s America.


Earth Angel is one of those stories that must have seemed a really good idea to someone at some point.  This is the first time we encounter what I’ll call a ‘crossover story’ in the Aliens comic’s universe, no not Batman vs. Aliens or something like that, but a writer taking an existing genre and simply chucking Aliens into the mix (more on this subject later).  In this case its 50’s B-movie sci-fi, you can imagine the thought process and the sense of glee the writer had when he thought this combination would work, unfortunately it doesn’t.

Ok so what do I like, well this story does capture the feel and look of trashy 50’s sci-fi comics and films, but unfortunately that’s it.

The plot is fairly unoriginal and simplistic, but I suppose this can be excused as it reflects the source material it’s emulating.  The storyline jumps for no reason, which I found disconcerting, but this could be due to editing decisions.  In this story an infected extra-terrestrial crashes onto the Earth and the Alien wreaks havoc at a local biker bar for no particular reason.  We know that the Aliens take on certain attributes of their host and in this case they have become extremely flammable, seriously, they just have to go near a naked flame and WOOF they’re toast, so apparently the host was made of paper and hated bikers.  The Alien in this story also appears to be some kind of queen as it starts laying eggs, but has no egg sac or resemblance to other any Alien queen in film or print.

The artwork is a fairly decent facsimile of trashy 50’s comics, though I didn’t like the representation of the Alien.

So what do we have here? Well we have a decent reproduction of a cheap crappy 50’s monster story but, is this a good Aliens story?..  No its not.  The main issue is that the Alien has just become a crap boogieman in this story, the writers obviously love their 50’s sci-fi, but they sure as hell have no passion about the Aliens universe. In addition this is the first story to actually make me cringe whilst reading it… when bikers ran over Face huggers shouting “Skrag em!”.  The final nail in the coffin came in the last panel with the, expected clichéd, big reveal of the main characters name…. Dr Ripley (See the Colonial Marines review to understand my disdain of this particular cliché)!  So if you’ve not read it you really aren’t missing anything with this story!!!


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