24/10/2016 - Book 5, Reviews


Script: Ron Marz

Art: Bernie Wrightson

Lettering: Sean Konot

Cover illustration: Bernie Wrightson & Mathew Hollingsworth





This story follows an Alien infestation on an extra terrestrial spaceship which subsequently crashes on Earth.


Incubation is a short story which follows an Alien infestation on an extra terrestrial spaceship. The problem from me is that I just didn’t understand the point of the story. All we get is a weaker retelling of the original Alien movie, the story is told from the perspective of a human survivor who has presumably investigated the wreck of the extra terrestrial ship.  I say presumably because this part of the story is not explained.

There are also some glaring plot holes, such as how do the Alien eggs get on board the ship and why don’t they extraterrestrial scientists know what they are? Perhaps they are unbelievably inept or don’t believe in health & safety!

As a rule I don’t do research into the background of these stories unless I feel that there is an underlying problem with the story. This was one of those exceptions and I discovered that this story in fact an introduction to the Batman vs. Aliens series which explains the abrupt ending and feeling that it is part of a larger story.
The artwork was solid and competent enough but maybe a little uninspired.
This is the second story in a row to induce an emotion in me, this time it’s apathy, I really have no feelings about this story either way.  It’s a simple enough Aliens short, nothing new and for me uninspiring.


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