Monthly Archives: November 2016

Hitting the wall
Well that’s the fifth omnibus done, and by god that was hard work!! This is going to sound melodramatic but I felt like a marathon runner ‘hitting the [...]
Script: Mark Verheiden Art: Mark A. Nelson Colours:  Chris Chalenor Lettering: Willie Schubert Cover illustration: Mark A. Nelson Synopsis A short story [...]
Story: Thierry Gagnon & Richard Forgues Script:  Thierry Gagnon & Randy Stradley Art: Richard Forgues Colours: Cary Porter Lettering: Clem Robins [...]
Script: Mark Schultz Art: Leif Jones & John Stokes,  Duncan Fegredo, D’Israeli , John Totleben, Arthur Adams, Gary Gianni & Geof Darrow, [...]