01/11/2016 - Book 5, Reviews

Script: Mark Schultz

Art: Leif Jones & John Stokes,  Duncan Fegredo, D’Israeli , John Totleben, Arthur Adams, Gary Gianni & Geof Darrow, George Pratt, Igor Kordey, Paul Lee, John K. Snyder, Mark A. Nelson, Peter Bagge, Brian Horton, Dave Taylor, Kelley Jones, Guy Davis, Kellie Strom, Jay Stephens, Jerry Bingham, Kevin Nowlan, Frank Teran, Joel Naprstek, Travis Charest, P. Craig Russell, Aidan Potts, Sean Phillips, Rebecca Guay, Jon Muth, Kilian Plunkett, Ron Randall, John Pound, Gene Ha, Vania Zarouliov, Sergio Aragones, John Paul Leon, Derek Thompson, David Lloyd, Moebius, Dave Cooper, Mike Allred, Tony Millionare.

Colours: Pamela Rambo

Lettering: Clem Robins

Cover illustration: Kent Williams


A salvage vessel encounters the Luna Maru a long lost passenger ship; can they uncover the truth behind her disappearance?


I have been dreading this review, not because of the story but due to the list of artists I’d have to write!  Havoc is a story that quite easily could have gone badly wrong but I’m happy to say this did not happen. The story itself is fairly simple: A Salvage crew investigates an abandoned star liner only to discover it has been overrun by Aliens. I thought the idea of a roaming consciousness actually helped the story and actually produced a satisfying finale, a nice change from guns and big explosions, though there is plenty of action in this story.

The central feature of this story is the artwork which is provided by pretty much every artist under the sun. This concept could easily have gone badly wrong, but on the whole it works, there is the odd jarring change here and there between very different art styles. I think some clever editing and planning could have made maximum use of all the different styles available, but these really are minor gripes.

Overall this is one of the better Aliens comics, which does what I think these stories should do; try new ideas and push boundaries whilst remaining as faithful as possible to the source material.


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