16/11/2016 - Book 5, Reviews

Story: Thierry Gagnon & Richard Forgues

Script:  Thierry Gagnon & Randy Stradley

Art: Richard Forgues

Colours: Cary Porter

Lettering: Clem Robins

Cover illustration: Richard Forgues & Cary Porter



A mad scientist seeks to get revenge on his female pilot and her adolescent cousin because she spurns his advances.


Jesus! This omnibus really is a mixed bag just when you think you’ve left the woods behind they go and hit you with another stinker like Love Sick.
Where to start? Well the plot is absolute bollocks… when I start a review for the stories that are awful, I take a step back and say ‘is this a good story in its own right? If we ignore the Aliens, does the story work?’ Usually the answer is no and this story is no exception. The plot is just ludicrously bad! As with other bad Aliens comics it seems the Aliens have simply been shoehorned into story to get it published. This story may as well not feature Aliens for the lack of danger they pose. Both instances see the Aliens appear only to be immediately killed! Another part of the story that puzzled me is why is the Alien Queen sitting in a Lake of its own blood???  The plot really seems a flimsy excuse to have a hot female character run around in her underwear.
I thought the artwork suited the storyline as it is told from the perspective of a child and the style of the art suited this. However I thought the stylistic and aesthetic look of the story was poor and far removed from the Aliens universe. Having the heroine run around in her underwear throughout most of the story just seemed to satisfy some adolescent urge. Much about this story that reminds me of that earlier shit-stain that was Kidnapped, a terrible story further undermined by poorly realised artwork.
In conclusion if you’ve not read it, don’t bother! If you have, try and forget it!


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