Hitting the wall

28/11/2016 - General thoughts....

Well that’s the fifth omnibus done, and by god that was hard work!! This is going to sound melodramatic but I felt like a marathon runner ‘hitting the wall’!!!

It may be because of the sheer number of stories in this volume combined with the increasing number of poor stories that made it such a slog.   I wonder if Dark horse deliberately edited this book into a sort of ‘shit sandwich’ with bad stories in between decent ones.  I suppose if they lumped all the bad stories into one volume, no one in their right mind would buy it!  It seems as the books go along, there are more short stories and this will continue into the last omnibus.

One thing that strikes me about the fifth omnibus is that, despite the good stories in it, I will always associate it with the god-awful Kidnapped story, whose rotten stench seeps through the book.  Seriously it is the worst god-damned Aliens comic ever, but there is a silver lining as the stories can only get better….. right???

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