28/11/2016 - Book 5, Reviews

Script: Mark Verheiden

Art: Mark A. Nelson

Colours:  Chris Chalenor

Lettering: Willie Schubert

Cover illustration: Mark A. Nelson


A short story dealing with an Alien outbreak on a deep-space salvage ship.


Lucky is decent enough short story which manages to conclude this omnibus on something of a high note. This short has quite an interesting plot, in that the main character is not meant to be likeable at all, and isn’t. He is a lazy, inept coward whose failures create the alien outbreak on his ship.
I have to rate lucky fairly highly as it does have a genuinely interesting and innovative narrative, especially when compared to some of the crap in the rest of this omnibus! In a perverse way I am thankful for the awful stories, in a way, as it makes me appreciate decent stories more.
Plot-wise this story revolves around its human characters with the Aliens very much in the background, doing what they do best, namely death and mayhem!The team behind this story is the same as the Earth War book, so it’s no surprise that both story and artwork are both executed competently.

So, in conclusion Lucky is a solid short story backed up by decent artwork.


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