11/12/2016 - Book 6, Reviews

Script: Mark Schultz

Art: Doug Wheatley

Colours: Chris Chuckry

Lettering: Klem Robins

Cover illustration: Mark Schultz & Keith Wood




Also known as: Aliens: Apocalypse – The Destroying Angels


A privately run search & rescue team is hired by a secretive scientific institute to locate and rescue a missing expedition, however, things are not what they seem.


Finally an Aliens comic that delivers all that I wanted!!!  Well where to begin…. we have an interesting plot, which actually expands the universe and introduces some original concepts.  Characters are likewise interesting with back-stories and clear motivations, particularly in the case of the protagonist Dr. Lucien Keitel. His actions and motives make are consistent with his beliefs, not just because he’s maaaaad.

Another feature of the story that I really enjoyed was that it expands the mythos of the Aliens universe rather than simply repeating the same, tired tropes.  The story does this, but does it making full use of all the features of the Aliens universe, ships weapons androids & Aliens all are here. I won’t reveal much about the actually story as I don’t want to spoil it for anyone.

This is complemented by artwork which really reflects the aesthetics of the Aliens universe, from the human environments and ships to the bio-mechanical architecture of the Aliens and Space jockeys.  It is interesting to note that the plot of this story revolves around the Space jockey (Engineer, or whatever) race, which has been reflected in the recent films.  If I have one complaint about this story it’s that it promises to reveal much about this society but ultimately doesn’t deliver anything, but this is really the only criticism I could think of.

As you can probably tell I am a big fan of this story and highly recommend it. Apocalypse demonstrates what decent writers and artists can produce if given the chance, a must read story if you’re an Aliens fan!


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