Once in a lifetime

02/01/2017 - Book 6, Reviews
Once in a lifetime

Script: Mark Schultz & Phil Amara

Pencils:  Rick Leonardi

Inks: Bob Wiacek

Lettering: Steve Haynie

Cover illustration: Rick Leonardi & Bob Wiacek & Jason Hvam




A scientist is given a rare opportunity to study her area of expertise in detail, namely the Aliens.


Once in a lifetime is a short that continues on from the previous story: Apocalypse.  Unfortunately it seems that the writers have just copied the successful aspects of that tale rather than try anything new. This is, for me, the central problem with this story, that it is simply emulating a better story using the same old tired tropes we’ve seen many times before. Aliens: Apocalypse used same tropes, but did so in an interesting way, which enhanced the story. There is an interesting aspect to this story which revolves around how the Aliens adopt the attributes of their host, but unfortunately this concept is never expanded on.

I’ve been quite negative in this review, but only because it’s a bit of let down from the previous story, saying that, this tale doesn’t really do anything wrong, it’s just bland.  It appears that these stories were meant no be part of a bigger wider narrative involving Geholgod institute and the Aliens, but sadly this promising story arc ended with this tale.

Artwork is good, but unfortunately the limitations of the plot do not allow the artist to fully demonstrate his ability.

Once in lifetime is a rather un-inspired short featuring decent artwork, which is a real shame as I think the Gehelgod angle offered a new direction for the Aliens universe, but one that ended here, another wasted opportunity.


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