Monthly Archives: February 2017

Script: Ian Edginton Pencils: Tony Akins Inks: Ande Parks Colours: Chris Chalenor Lettering: Gary Fields Cover illustration: Den Beauvais   Synopsis A [...]
Elder Gods
Script: Nancy A Collins Pencils: Leif Jones Inks: John Stokes Lettering: Clem Robbins Cover illustration: Roger Peterson & Dan Jackson     [...]
45 Seconds
Script:  Darko Macan Art: Frank Teran Cover illustration: Frank Teran & Jon Fell & Chris Horn         Synopsis A short story [...]
Border lines
Script:  Darko Macan Art: Tommy Lee Edwards Lettering: John Workman Cover illustration: John Bolton       Synopsis A short story concerning [...]
Script: Chuck Dixon Pencils: Flint Henry Inks: Andrew Pepoy Colours: Cary Porter Lettering: Steve Dutro Cover illustration: Chris Scalf     [...]
Aliens: crossovers
No I’m not talking about Aliens vs. Predator, Superman, Batman or anyone else.  I want to talk about crossover stories into other genres within the Aliens [...]
Tourist Season
Script: Beau Smith Pencils: Gary Morrow Lettering: John Costanza Cover illustration: Dave Dorman       Synopsis An Alien outbreak occurs on [...]
Head Hunters
Script: Mike W. Bar Pencils: Gene Colan Lettering: Sean Konot Cover illustration: Duncan Fegredo       Synopsis A crew of Alien hunters [...]