Head Hunters

01/02/2017 - Book 6, Reviews
Head Hunters

Script: Mike W. Bar

Pencils: Gene Colan

Lettering: Sean Konot

Cover illustration: Duncan Fegredo





A crew of Alien hunters embarks on one final mission before retirement.


Headhunters is a decent short story, demonstrating what can be done with a simple concept.  The story revolves around a couple who are Alien bounty hunters who embark on one, final mission, the relationship is central to the story, which enhances it.

This story is enhanced by some fantastic pencilled artwork.

Headhunters is a good short story, which again demonstrates what can be achieved with a simple, decent concept coupled with good art.  Part of me is annoyed that this story is only a short, as it could have made a good full-length tale.


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