Tourist Season

08/02/2017 - Book 6, Reviews
Tourist Season

Script: Beau Smith

Pencils: Gary Morrow

Lettering: John Costanza

Cover illustration: Dave Dorman





An Alien outbreak occurs on a Westworld style amusement planet.


Tourist season seems to exist because the writer watched either a Western or Westworld and thought adding Aliens would be awesome! But yet again it’s not!

The story is just awful as it sounds, the Aliens simply don’t act like Aliens! They kill some cattle then harass some locals, especially the young ladies, acting just like some baddies from a Western B movie. Luckily there is a lone lawman available to sort out this bandit, sorry Alien, menace.

Again I found myself asking ‘Is this a decent comic in it’s own right?’  The answer, again, is no.  As an Aliens comic this stinks, the Aliens don’t behave as they should, they kill people rather than collect them for impregnation, our hero can fist fight with one and not be torn apart in seconds. Yet again the acid blood is forgotten as our hero blows Aliens to pieces at close range and later on a crowd of townspeople chop an Alien to pieces with garden tools without getting a speck of blood on them.

Artwork is competent, though I found some action scenes stilted and awkward.  However, the artist’s representation of the Aliens is the worst I have ever seen! Their heads resemble giant sausages with massive mouths full of teeth.  Geiger’s sleek, horrific vision is nowhere to be seen.

So in short, another stinker of a story, don’t waste your time on it! Those responsible for this fiasco should be rode out of town on a rail! (See what I did there)


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