12/02/2017 - Book 6, Reviews

Script: Chuck Dixon

Pencils: Flint Henry

Inks: Andrew Pepoy

Colours: Cary Porter

Lettering: Steve Dutro

Cover illustration: Chris Scalf




An immoral salvage crew employs a novel method to remove an Alien nest from a valuable shipwreck.


Pig is an interesting short story. The plot revolves round an unscrupulous crew of misfits determined to salvage a valuable shipwreck the only problem is that there is an Alien nest nearby.  Here again we have a story that revolves around its human characters and is all the better for it.  None of the crew are likeable, nor are they meant to be, the only crew-member with morals is sacrificed by his crew-mates to achieve their goals.  This is not meant to be a serious story and there is a nice streak of dark humour running through it, including a nice twist at the ending.

The artwork is suitably grubby and I liked the aesthetic feel, the artist conveys the feel of a messy, badly run salvage ship.

Pig is a decent story, nothing exceptional but solid enough.


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