Elder Gods

26/02/2017 - Book 6, Reviews
Elder Gods

Script: Nancy A Collins

Pencils: Leif Jones

Inks: John Stokes

Lettering: Clem Robbins

Cover illustration: Roger Peterson & Dan Jackson




An ominous cult has nefarious plans on a remote mining colony.


In Elder Gods we have a darkly witty Aliens tale with more than a helping of H.P. Lovecraft mixed in.  As I write this review I kept thinking ‘this should be a debacle’ but thankfully it wasn’t and I was genuinely surprised by how good the story is.

The plot revolves around religious cults who are part of a remote mining colony.  The cult is based around the writings of the ‘HP Lovelace’ a parody of H.P. Lovecraft. They discover an Alien hive and decide to share their findings with the rest of the colony.

I am genuinely surprised that this is the first time the Aliens and Lovecraftian universes have converged, as they both gel together quite well.  Lovecraft’s theme of ancient alien races fits nicely with theme of the first Alien film, and more recently with Prometheus.

Whilst this story is meant to be tongue in cheek, it remains true to its horror roots and this is a real benefit.  I realised, when reading this story, that ignoring the horror aspect was a common failure of the poorer Aliens stories.  As a result the team behind this story have to be commended for successfully combining the Lovecraft mythos and Aliens universe whilst remaining true to both.

The black and white artwork was good, providing the right atmosphere and aesthetic feel throughout, but if I was to nitpick, I was not a fan of the artist’s style.

Elder Gods is a good story which I recommend as it demonstrates well what you can do within the Aliens universe if you remain true to the source material.


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