27/02/2017 - Book 6, Reviews

Script: Ian Edginton

Pencils: Tony Akins

Inks: Ande Parks

Colours: Chris Chalenor

Lettering: Gary Fields

Cover illustration: Den Beauvais



A remote research facility is faced with the reality of a hostile takeover by new corporate owners.


Purge is an interesting story, but also something of a disappointment.  There are some novel and interesting concepts introduced here, such as androids built using Alien DNA and impregnated lepers who have a symbiotic relationship with the juvenile Alien.

However these concepts are never developed and what we are left with is a fairly bland tale revolving around the same old tired series trope of a greedy malevolent corporation doing nasty things to people.  I get the feeling that if the story was longer that the more interesting concepts could have been explored more, but unfortunately that is not the case.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the artwork, though it was competent enough.

Purge is a decent enough story, with some interesting ideas, but unfortunately these are not developed resulting in a fairly bland tale.


2 thoughts on “Purge


This story is continued in an Aliens Versus Predator strip.

Do you plan to review those?


    Thanks fot the message. I wasn’t aware of that, but I tend to review these comics as Aliens comics not part of a wider crossover story. I may try to go into the AVP uiverse, but there are a lot more newer Aliens comics to review first!


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