Glass Corridor

01/03/2017 - Book 6, Reviews
Glass Corridor

Script & Art: David Lloyd

Lettering: Elitta Fell

Cover illustration: David Lloyd






A hit man develops a conscience and hides amongst a group a stowaways onboard a freighter, unaware that it is transporting a deadly cargo.


I really enjoyed Glass Corridor.  This tale concentrates on its characters, with the Alien in the background doing what it does best, namely killing people.

The plot revolves around Frank a hit-man who has developed a conscience and finds a means to atone for his sins by protecting a group of stowaways from an Alien on board a cargo ship.  All the characters are well defined and act believably, from the dodgy crew of the freighter, the pious stowaways or Mikey their self-serving guide. Franks story arc plays out nicely leading to him to perform the ultimate act of self-sacrifice to save his fellow travellers.

The Artwork was good, but if I had to nitpick I thought that some of the aesthetic choices such as costumes didn’t really seem to fit into the Aliens universe.  But this is really a very minor gripe.

Glass corridor demonstrates what can be achieved with a decent concept and characterization, even in a short story format.  I thoroughly recommend this tale; even as a story in its own right.


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