08/03/2017 - Book 6, Reviews

Script & Art:  David Wenzel

Lettering: Tracey Munsey

Cover illustration: David Wenzel






A Viking war-party sets out to deal with a monster, but have they bitten off more than they can chew?



Stalker is an interesting tale which pits Vikings against an Alien, I did have reservations about the setting but this was alleviated by the reveal at the end.  The plot itself was enjoyable enough with some twist though I did find the dialogue stilted and a bit clichéd, lots of

As I read this story I noticed there seemed to be similarities with the Lord of the Rings, such as characters names and how the Alien is destroyed reminded me strongly of the demise of the Nazgul Witch-King in the Two Towers.

Part of the success of this story is in its portrayal of how the Alien acts; which is reminiscent of the films, it picks off stragglers and uses surprise to attack its prey..  It was also nice to see that it was virtually impervious to swords and axes for a change, unlike the previous Tourist Season where they were easily dismembered with garden tools!

The artwork further elevates this tale, complementing the story and creating the right atmosphere.

Though this review may seem a little negative in places I did enjoy this story which offered a refreshingly new scenario to the extended Aliens Universe rather than the usual locations and situations.  Whilst doing this it remains true to the Aliens films and this fact, combined with its originality means that I have to mark it highly.


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