14/03/2017 - Book 6, Reviews

Script:  Jay Stephens

Art: Eduardo Risso

Colours: Chris Chalenor

Lettering: Clem Robbins

Cover illustration: Ronnie Del Carmen & Chris Chalenor & Dark horse Digital.




A group of teenagers on a remote colony investigate a mysterious cave where numerous other youths have vanished, what is responsible for these disappearances?


Well this is my last review of the omnibus series and I wish I could end on a high note, but unfortunately, this was not meant to be.  Wraith is another genre crossover story, this time it’s a teen-slasher story with Aliens added.  Luckily this story is a short, because the plot is so bland and ultimately pointless, making this story another futile waste.  The plot is essentially teenagers get chased by a monster, which happens to be an Alien.  The major plot hole for me was, if they knew that people were disappearing in this cave why had no one investigated before? There is a twist at the end of the story but at this point I’d stopped caring.

Artwork was acceptable, and I thought this further affected the limited storyline.

Overall another wasted opportunity, nothing really to recommend here. It’s just a shame that the sixth book had such a lacklustre conclusion.


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