Alien: The Illustrated Story

13/09/2017 - Film adaptions & rarities, Reviews
Alien: The Illustrated Story









This is a comic adaption of the first Alien film.


Here we are, at the beginning, as the synopsis above succinctly states this is an adaption of the first Alien film, so plot-wise we are on firm ground.  What is interesting with the adaption is that we have elements of the script that were omitted from the theatrical release, but were later re-instated into the director’s cut.  Though these scenes are nothing ground-breaking it’s a nice touch.

This story was originally released in the magazine Heavy Metal, so the artwork is stylistically of this period, but competent enough.  If I had any complaints they are; that the artwork does not create a dark and oppressive atmosphere as the film and the Alien is massive in scale, but these are minor gripes.

So essentially we have a faithful adaption to the Alien film with decent artwork.  A solid start to the Aliens comic universe.


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