Aliens: Newt’s Tale

21/09/2017 - Film adaptions & rarities, Reviews
Aliens: Newt’s Tale









An adaption of the Aliens (1986), film told from Newt’s perspective.


Whilst there is no faithful adaption of Aliens (1986), we do have Newt’s tale uses that characters’ perspective to recount the film and events leading up to it.  Interestingly this story features many of the scenes that were cut from the theatrical release and later featured in the Aliens Special Edition version of the film; so on release this comic would contain quite a lot of new material.

This adaption also features original material detailing the Alien infestation of Hadley’s Hope. Unfortunately this is a bit of a let-down, as it seems rushed and essentially just recycles materiel from the Aliens film. I had hoped for a more involved, tense, story-line with the colonists disappearing one by one with a growing sense of dread and fear from those remaining, but the narrative simply jumps from the first impregnation straight to the colonists last stand. The rest of the story follows the film faithfully.

The artwork is in the classic comic-book style which was acceptable, but none of the characters remotely resembles their counterparts in the film and some of the poses in action scenes were awkward or too cartoonish.

So in conclusion, we have a decent enough adaption which is weakened by its original material, which really is a shame. If more time and care had been put into the events at Hadley’s Hope this could have been a must read, but as is, it’s rather a let-down.




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