19/02/2018 - Film adaptions & rarities, Reviews


Script: Steven Grant
Pencils: Christopher Taylor
Inks: Rick Magyar
Colours: Matt Webb
Lettering: Jim Massara, Clem Robbins
Cover illustration: Arthur Suydam




An adaption of the Alien3 (1992) film.

Ok this is a bit of a mixed back of a comic. The story follows the assembly cut or special edition of the Alien3 film. On release it would have provided a comparison to the theatrical version of the film. An interesting if slightly silly aspect to the story is how Ripley becomes infected, the chestburster emerges from the drowned Newt’s mouth and climbs down Ripley’s throat (wouldn’t that be an easier method of birth than punching through someone’s ribcage?). The rest of the story pretty much follows the film there are some scene changes but nothing drastic.

Then we come to the art which I would say is, at best, acceptable. A complaint leveled against the film was that audiences could not differentiate between the prisoners, as they all looked the same, and that is definitely true here. Actually bringing individual characteristics out from a cast of people who all look the same requires a decent artist which is sadly missing here. The bog standard ‘cartoon artwork’ just isn’t good enough to do this. Ripley is identified by having pouty lips, which makes her look like she’s had some dodgy Botox done at some point on the trip from LV426. Character proportions are also weird, in some scenes Dillon is a giant, on the next page he’s a normal size again. The Alien is also huge, which is at odds with its on screen depiction, which is smaller and sleeker than usual. Some action scenes are also awkwardly posed and come off as too cartoonish.

I’m honestly undecided about this series. It has its charms, mainly the alternate plot to the theatrical cut, but the barely adequate artwork really holds it back as I care even less about the generic bald characters getting killed now, as they literally look like clones. This is really a shame as Alien3 has been my guilty pleasure since I first saw it, but this series failed to capture anything that I enjoyed from that experience.



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