Alien Resurrection

02/03/2018 - Film adaptions & rarities, Reviews
Alien Resurrection

Script: Jim Vance

Pencils: Eduardo Risso

Inks: Eduardo Risso

Colours: Dave Stewart

Lettering: Gary Fields

Cover illustration: Dave McKean




An adaption of Alien Resurrection (1997).



This was a review that I was not too enthusiastic about, due to the fact that this is my least favorite of the original Aliens films.  I was surprised to find that I actually enjoyed reading this adaption more than the film.

This series is in two parts making it shorter than the previous adaptations and I really think that this helps, as a lot has been cut out or re-arranged.  This editing removed a lot of the ‘humour’ and silliness from the story which is my main bugbear with this film, additionally the story moves at a faster pace which helps. As such this adaption comes across with a more serious tone, but like the film the plot is still quite thin.

On a side note this story also has a different ending to the film, which was proposed in early drafts of the script but changed during filming.

Artwork is decent and a lot more stylized than the previous adaptations. It was nice to see that the artist has taken designs from earlier Alien films rather than the rather drab set design from the film itself.

Overall this really was a surprising experience; an adaption that I thought was better than the film it represents. When I finished it, I realized, perhaps due to the fact it was a comic, the plot was one that has been re-used time and again in the Aliens comic universe which I have labeled the ‘Mad scientist/secret base’ plot.  It is interesting, I think, that this plot has been used far better, and with more imagination, in the comics that it was in the film.  It was nice to end the film adaptations on a bit of a high note with a decent story, which offered some pleasant surprises, for me at least.



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