19/04/2018 - Film adaptions & rarities, Reviews

Written by: Mike Richardson

Illustrated by: Den Beauvais

Inks: Den Beauvais

Cover illustration: Den Beauvais





This story was originally featured in Dark Horse Horse Insider from in 1991 and was re-printed in the Aliens Magazine (UK) in 1993.


A group of Marines, abandoned on Earth during the Alien infestation are in a race against time to escape a nuclear explosion.


This is a short two-part story set during after the events of Alien: Outbreak with a trio of Marines, stranded on an Alien infested earth, who find themselves having to escape the blast area of an imminent nuclear explosion.  Here we have a simple concept that works well for a short story.  Though the plot is fairly basic it’s both fast-paced and action packed making it a real page turner.  The only negatives I can notice are that the marine characters are a little bland, but this does not impact upon the story as a whole and given the limitations of space there is little room for deep characterization.

Artwork is by Den Beauvais whose work is as beautiful as it was in the Nightmare Asylum story, my only tiny complaint is that this time the artwork is in black and white rather than colour, but this is minor.

Countdown is another decent short story, the only negatives are really minor gripes, a simple premise coupled with great art makes this one I would recommend.



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