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06/09/2018 - Omnibus Editions Average Scores

An overview of the average score of my reviews of the Aliens omnibuses, these are rated out of five. I have included a brief overview too, as the averaging of scores allows some of the weaker books to achieve higher scores than I expected!

Omnibus book 1: AVERAGE SCORE 2.8
A decent book, dealing mainly with the Alien infestation of Earth. High point: Nightmare Asylum, low point: Female war.

Omnibus book 2: AVERAGE SCORE 2.6
A respectable set of three stories that expand upon the Aliens universe. High point: Genocide, low point: Colonial Marines.

Omnibus book 3: AVERAGE SCORE4
A great book! Some really stand out stories in this edition, a must read for Aliens fans! High points: Rogue, Sacrifice, Salvation, Labyrinth, Low points: Horror Show, Reapers.

Omnibus book 4: AVERAGE SCORE2.5
Another decent selection of stories. High points; Frenzy, Stronghold, low points; Music of the spears, Taste.

Omnibus book 5: AVERAGE SCORE2.7
A real mixed bag; some good, but some absolute stinkers! High Points: Alchemy, Survival, Alien, Low points: Lovesick, Earth Angel, with special mention to the utterly awful Kidnapped.

Omnibus book 6: AVERAGE SCORE 2.8
Lots of shorter stories, again a mixed bag. High points: Apocalypse, Glass Corridor, Low points: Tourist Season, Wraith.

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