Aliens: Colonial Marines

05/09/2021 - Film adaptions & rarities, Reviews
Aliens: Colonial Marines

Script:  Joshua Williamson

Art: Patric Reynolds                                      

Cover illustration: Menton Matthews III.


This story was released to accompany the Aliens: Colonial Marines game.  The story follows the character O’Neal through a series of events that lead up to the start of the game.


This is a short comic and from the off we are thrown straight into the action, literally straight in, there is no introduction or explanation, the first panel starts with ‘Inside the Sephora’ and we are in the midst of a gun battle between Marines and Aliens.  Why this is happening we have no idea.  What follows is an ultimately pointless story of O’Neal and a medic trying to find a wounded marine, only for it to turn out to be a Weyland Yutani mercenary.

I have no need to go into the debacle that was the Aliens: Colonial Marines game, but this comic has essentially all the same faults of the game such as; the story makes no sense, containing glaring plot holes and errors with bland characters spouting clichéd dialogue.

To expand on these flaws firstly in the game it was the USS Sulaco that was full of Aliens not the USS Sephora. During the game the appearance of Weyland Yutani mercenaries is a huge shock to the Marines, but according to this story the Marines are already fighting them.

As mentioned the characters are bland and uninteresting they are given no back-story or traits, they just spout the clichéd Marine dialogue, so I personally did not care about any of them.

Another issue which has become a bugbear of mine is that the Alien’s highly acidic blood is again ignored.  Aliens are blasted to pieces right next to people who suffer no side effects, this is especially significant as they are onboard a spaceship, one of the final panels shows piles of Alien corpses littering the deck, instead of melting bloody great holes through to outer space.  Does nobody remember Alien or Aliens?

The artwork is decent enough and captures the aesthetics of the Aliens universe.

So ultimately we have a comic that mirrors the Aliens: Colonial Marines game extremely well as it is a pointless story that contains numerous flaws and plot holes with bland characters that you won’t care about.  Ultimately don’t waste your time on this.


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